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  • Computing - I'm a big Amiga fan (see my Amiga page) though I do have an eye on the Macs these days :-)
  • Gaming - I have a lot of consoles of various ages - ranging from classic 8 bit Ataris (2600), though the 16 bit era (Megadrive, SNES) and into recent era - PSX, Jaguar, Saturn. Then there are the next ones. GC, DS, PS2, Dreamcast...and the current generation Wii (and Wii U!) and PS3.... oh, and there are the classic computers too! :-)
  • Sports - I'm a member of Nottingham Hockey Club and am also a member of local gyms via Nottingham City Card and Fitness First).
  • Martial Arts - I study Tai-Chi and Kung Fu (am Light Blue belt)
  • Music - lots of CD's, lots of concerts and festivals. (will hopefully get to one next year!). Was also in a band 'back in the day' and the music creation process still fascinates me
  • Reading - I love a good book. Much like classic gaming, your imagination fills the picture painted by the author/creator. Recently completed the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King and am currently reading Gearge R.R. Martins' Game of Thrones - currently on A Feast for Crows (Reissue) (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) and have just finished Stephen Kings' 11.22.63 via Audio Book

Alan Buxey - February 2013